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Saint MBA535 Module 4 Discussion latest 2016 august

This question was answered on Jun 24, 2016.

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Saint MBA535 Module 4 Discussion latest 2016 august

Module 4 Discussion

Imagine that you are at a flea market and you are looking through a table full of old books or every type. You discover what you believe to be a first edition of Mark Twains' Huckleberry Finn, although you are not certain. The price on the book is $5.00 and you gladly pay it without question. Neither you nor the seller discuss the book in any way as you purchased the book. Afterwards, you have the book appraised by an expert antique book export, who informs you that the book is worth at least $10,000.00.

In this exchange, you have provided $5.00 in consideration for an item worth circa $10,000.00 when sold in the correct market. Could the flea market bookseller properly seek to have the sale set aside due to inadequate consideration? What is the flea market bookseller knew it was an original, but had no idea of the true worth and thought that $5.00 was a reasonable price? Will the law consider the issue of adequacy of consideration in this instance?
This question was answered on Jun 24, 2016.Purchase Solution @ 12 USD
Saint MBA535 Module 4 Discussion latest 2016 august
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Preview: would xxxx to xxxxx that the xxxxxxxxxxx was fraudulent xx that xxxx xxxx under xxxxxx when it xxxx to the xxxxxxxxxxx In xxxx xxxxxxxxx that xxxxxx the case xxxxxxxxxxxxx for the xxxxxxx they xxxxxx xx their xxxxxxxx and had xx idea that xxx book xxxxx xx worth xx much It xxxxxxx to be x case xx xxxxxxxx keepers xxxx also important xx note that xxxx because xxx xxxx store xxxxxx the item xx $10,000 doesn't xxxx the xxxxx xxxx stores xxxxx Their market xxxxx could deeply xxxxxxxxxx so xx xxx be xxxxxxxxx to determine xxxx the actual xxxxxx value xxx xx the xxxxxx decided to xxxxx the buyer xxx book xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (2014) xxx for Business xxxxx ed ) xxxxxxx MA: xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx Respond xxxxxxxx Mark as xxxxxxxxx Module 4 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Outlaw7/17/2016 xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx bookseller xx this case xxx no legal xxxxx to xxxxxxx xxx book xx sold to xxx seller I xxxx its xxxxxxxxx xxx a xxxxxx to find xxx if the xxxxx they xxx xxxxxxx are xxxxx any first xxxxxx putting them xxx on xxx xxxxxx The xxxxxxxxxx lost out xx a big xxxxxx themselves xx xxx doing xxxx or her xxxxxxxx in advance xxx pretty xxxx xxx seller xxxx from now xx go through xxx books xxxx xxxx a xxx them appraise xx see if xxxx are xxxxx xxxxxxxx so xxxx situation will xxx happen in xxx future xxx xxxxxx put xxx the prices xx the books xxx there xxxxxxx xx can xx legally to xxxxxx it, the xxxxx is xxx xxx winner xxxx because they xxxx what they xxx was xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx instructor xxxxxxxxx Collapse Mark xx UnreadRE: Module x DiscussionInstructor xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx PMHello xxxxxxxxxxx is precisely xxxx the general xxxx is- xxxxxxxx xxx allowed xxx the law xxxxxxxxxx trade for xxx benefit xx xxx In xxx absence of xxxxx evidence of xxxxx or xxxx xxxx of xxxxxxxx or trickery, xxx amount of xxxxxxxxxxxxx is xxxxxxxxxx xx long xx it is xxxx measurable amount xxxx care,JoeRespond xxxxxxxx xxxx as xxxxxxxxx Module 4 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Scholl7/23/2016 8:22:07 xxxxxxx Post! xxx xxxx a xxxxx point that xxx seller would xxxx to xxxxx xxxxxx or xxxx some type xx fraud occurred x bet xxxx xxxx of xxxxx happens regularly xxx it makes xxxxx why xxx xxx would xxxx a guideline xx follow Respond xxxxxxxx Mark xx xxxxxxxxx Discussion x 4Lakeisha Outlaw7/17/2016 xxxxxxx PMModified:7/17/2016 9:12 xxxx this xxxx xx the xxxxxxxxxx it seems xxxx he was xx the xxxx xxxxxx to xxx rid of xxx old books xx books xx xxxxxxxx to xxxx a profit xxxxxxx people that xx to xxx xxxx market xxxx sell items xxxxx usual go xxx any xx xxx items xxxxxxxxxx and that's xxx most people xxxx out xx xxxx case xxx bookseller can xxx seek inadequate xxxxxxxxxxxxx this xxx x legit xxxxxxxxxxx between seller xxx buyer The xxxxx purchased xxx xxxx by xxx price the xxxxxx had on xxx books xx xxx after xx leaves the xxxxxxxxxx hands he xxx no xxxxx xxxx the xxxx anymore after xxxxxxxxxxx has been xxxx If xxx xxxxxxxxxx knew xx was an xxxxxxxx book common xxxxx would xxxx xx a xxxx him to xx get it xxxxxxxx so xx xxx profit xxxx it, its xxxxxxxx he had xx clue xx xxx books xx was selling x the flea xxxxxx I'm xxxx xxxx this xxx forward that xx will get xxxxx books xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx selling xxxx at a xxxx market again xxxx is xxxx xxx of xxxxx instances when xxx snooze you xxxxx the xxxxxxxxxx xxxx have xx chalk it xx as a xxxx As x xxxxxxx rule, xxx adequacy of xxx consideration is xxxxxxxxxx because xxx xxx does xxx prohibit bargains xxxxxx in cases xx which xxx xxxxxxxx calls xxx a performance xx the sale xx goods xxxx xxxx a xxxxxxxx or recognized xxxxxx value, it xx impossible xx xxx the xxxxx value of xxxx promise If xxx consideration xxxxx xx one xxxxx is grossly xxxxxxxxxxx this is x relevant xxxx xx proving xxxxxx undue influence, xxxxxxx or mistake xxxxxxxxx

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