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Australia healthcare

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Australia healthcare
Explain the pros and cons of health care in Australia, and explain
how it compares to the healthcare management in the US. (An intro is not needed for this assignment, just get straight to the point. This paper is just being added to another paper that is already created) 
Analysis of the culture using a culturally competent model: Provide a brief evaluation assessment of the healthcare needs of the culture group using a cultural assessment model
Clearly applies the model to the pertinant culture.

Background information about the problem. Summarize evidences-based articles relevant to health problems and clearly state that how you use this information in your paper.
The problem/issue has excellent and sufficient scientific citations to demonstrate its significance

Narrative Summary
Impact of health disparity or health concern and its implication for practice
Synthesizes/provide an annotated bibliography with at least 8 resources.

are drawn from the state of current evidence in nursing literature
Insightful analysis of problem and its implications 
This question was answered on Jun 24, 2016.Purchase Solution @ 12 USD
Australia healthcare
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